Friday, March 17, 2017

A random post because I am in need of expressing my mind and there is a twist

Hello-Hello! How is life? I am quite well or at least this is the answer people want to receive and not the true one. Yes, pleasantries. Futile pleasantries.
In real life, I am procrastinating because I want my brain to wander and do what it wants, hence this random post. I have read so many books lately. I have many reviews to come.
But... I do not know. It is like my brain is rebelling against - Is it me? Or myself? Or I?... Ok, the same brain says --> me.
It is like I have two different "I's" (not eyes, and before you ask, yes I have two eyes) inside of me:
I who is a stubborn and obnoxious child who taps the foot, crosses the arms over the chest and says," I do not want to" like a command;
I who is like the goddess Athena rational, calculated, and intelligent... Oh! And that I is also stubborn. Sometimes she scares me! Hahaha! Then, with a fierce look over the rim of her glasses, she says, "Be reasonable! Think!"
Most of the time is good. But what happens when both rebel?
Well, you get me not doing my book reviews.
I mean... It's not like I am giving myself homework, is it? Is it?
Oh man! Really? How can you call that homework? That is your hobby!
Brain whispering: Keep telling yourself that. But you are not fooling me.
What are you doing here? Get out of this post!
Brain: Aaa... Do you realize that we are one and the same? So, of course, I have to be in this post.
Ok. Ok. Ok. So be it!
Hmmm! "Why am I in a quarrel with myself?" It is March. Spring has begun only not where I live. Apparently, Spring has decided to elope with the Sun after they had some heated meetings in February. (22 degree C in the middle of February that is unacceptable during the winter season.) Now, winter had seen the opportunity and it is snowing cats and dogs with a bucket. Thus, I was left to miss Spring and substitute her with Romance novels set in the 1800's.
Yes, I am a sucker for Romance and I am not ashamed of it. I quite enjoy reading about women and men who rebel against the system and society views.
Brain: Now you see! Spring. Rebel. Get it? 
Hypothetical face palm. Nooo! It is not like we are one and the same.
Brain: Are you sarcastic while using your own words against yourself? That's harsh, girl!
Bye, Brain! I can't deal with you!
Brain: Eyes roll then mimicking mockery
Yeah... I want my Spring and flowers! I miss Romanian Springs. They were so festive with flowers and ancient traditions. Maybe the Sun decided to run away with the Spring because it might have heard US politicians talking about making it to pay taxes... cause skin cancer. It is not like we are alive thanks to the Sun. I need my vitamin D.
Conclusion: The only thing I want to do is to read romance novels while I desperately yearn for Spring to come back into my life.
I mean, Spring is befitting for Romance novels.  
Bain: Just sayin'!
Agree! High five!
high five weekend update SNL Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler
Original expression:
Raining cats and dogs (EN).
Plouă cu găleata (RO). --> "Raining with the bucket"? (EN translate)
I hoped you enjoyed my thought process and imagine being me everyday!
Let's hope you understood something from this post.
It made sense in my head.
Laughing out loud! --> LOL
Brain: But The Diabolic was not quite a romance novel
shocked gif emma watson as hermione


  1. It seems like we all have a Mr Hyde creeping inside are self.Funny post!

  2. Thank you my dear! I must agree with you sine I believe we have multiple voices in our heads but with the same vocal tone. You know, like a cake with lots and lots of layers. :))