Friday, April 14, 2017

People are Brilliantly Crazy

Form hairless monkeys to humans! I am just joking. That is so wrong in so many ways. People do not come from monkeys. We never did and never will... Well... Unless science does some batsh*t crazy experiments... And that will also be wrong in so many ways. Please science don't do that! Don't you ever ever do that!
Today, I feel lucky to be human because... I am human. Lately, I read and saw some interesting articles and videos on the internet about the humans throughout time. (Plus my last semester class about Evolution. And I am telling you, if you ever have a chance in taking a class about evolution, it's worth it. It is crazy, confusing, full of science terms but it's worth it. Do not worry, your religious believes are not going to be shattered because... relativity.) And, I want to say that we are brilliant and crazy because We invented writing, different alphabets, and lots of languages. I mean... It's not like we are the only ones who can communicate but we are doing it in style. Our need to communicate with each other and store information led to so many wonderful things we have today: books, texting, computers, libraries, pens, pencils, ink, music, art etc. And let's not forget - drum-roll please - Blogs.
Get it! Cause I am writing a blog post on my blog about writing... Alright! I will stop now. Ok, I have to add that I should have put libraries before texting and computers but... Just go with it!
We drew on caves and rocks. We wrote on stone, papyrus, animal skin and other things. And now, we settled for paper (plus ink and or electronic devices).
I am not an expert and I might be wrong. This whole post might be full of wrong stuff. Who knows? Ha-ha-ha! Thus, I want you to stop for a second look of these pictures I took off of internet - including our most favorite website Wikipedia (List of writing systems) - and admire the human race, you included.
Be proud!
Be Human!
Be a Homo sapiens
(I could not resist using the scientific term. Sue me. Please Don't! >:D)
how the letter A variates in different ancient languages
(Image credits: Power of Writing article)
world map with different alphabets all around the world
(Image credits:, boredpanda)
We are destined for greatness and so much good. We are very adaptable and intelligent. Hello! Have you seen the 21st century technology? We can do this!
Thank you, human race for making the existence of books, of any kind, and paper possible.
Could you please stop letting gender, race, religion, war, corruption and violence get in your way?
We managed to turn languages into "live organisms," letting them change over time. Can we do that with the other things too?
Let beautiful things be beautiful things! No matter what they are (art, music, the human body, religion or no religion, aliens, race, atoms, letters, mistakes, points, crazy inventions etc.), they make us beautiful. They make us HUMAN.
 Writing rocks!
We use it to express ourselves.
We create stories, document memories, and plan our future with it.
Writing is a form of communication, a way to share things with the people.
Writing is an essential proof our existence throughout time. Like the Latin proverb says, "Verba volant, scripta manent."   (rough translation: Spoken words fly away, written words remain.)
I bet most of you take writing for grated. After you learn how to do it, it becomes natural, normal even. Until recently, I did not think of my ability to write words on a paper as being something cool. I knew that it can tell so much about you - by you I mean your personality... I do not know if you understand what I am trying to say. Right now, I am just amazed by how we were able to create languages with different alphabets and writing and pronunciation rules.
Am I wrong to assume that the early humans turned random vocal sounds into written alphabets?

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