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Wandering Star (Zodiac #2) by Romina Russell

Book Synopsis

Spoiler Alert! This is the second book in the series. You have been warned! Read on your own risk.

wandering star, zodiac, romina russell, book, space, fantasy, romance, sci-fi  A breathtaking sci-fi space saga inspired by astrology that will stun fans of the Illuminae Files and Starbound series.

Orphaned, disgraced, and stripped of her title, Rho is ready to live life quietly, as an aid worker in the Cancrian refugee camp on House Capricorn.

But news has spread that the Marad--an unbalanced terrorist group determined to overturn harmony in the Galaxy--could strike any House at any moment.

Then, unwelcome nightmare that he is, Ochus appears to Rho, bearing a cryptic message that leaves her with no choice but to fight.

Now Rho must embark on a high-stakes journey through an all-new set of Houses, where she discovers that there's much more to her Galaxy--and to herself--than she could have ever imagined.

My Opinion

Once again, this review contains spoilers.

 4.5/5 Stars according to Goodreads ratings.
The book overall was amazing. It was better than the first one due to the faster pace (understandable the first one had a lot of world building). I connected with Rho even more in this book. She felt real due to her flaws (I was a little annoyed with her in the beginning when she did not take in consideration Ophiuchus’ advertisement earlier). For me, she was more like a teenager who learns from her journey. She is clever in this book. Some people might consider her a hypocrite because she cannot open to Hysan and on the other hand she wants free choice and unity. To be sincere, I understand her. She is suffering a lot of changes in her life. She needs time to rediscover herself in this “new” life (I was [sort of] in her place once, nothing drastic like a war or becoming a galactic guardian, chuckle, chuckle.)
I like that the boys are not perfect “gods”. Yes, they are real breakable handsome guys. (Thank you, Romina Russell for not killing that character from the first book, wink-wink.) Hysan is not ready to admit that he is the real Libra Guardian even though he is the best judge in the Zodiac (Again Rho, really, really? Take in consideration all the possibilities and opinions next time, especially when it comes from Hysan, wink.) MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: Mathias is alive people. He is alive! He is alive and tortured and mentally broken but down to earth in the same time. In the first book I preferred Mathias over Hysan (Hysan seemed suspicious and intriguing, chuckle, chuckle.) while in the second book I felt the other way around, Hysan over Mathias. For some reason, I like them both. I will feel like Rho, if I have to choose between them – confused.
The action was like in a major Doctor Who episode with lots of twists. The enemy becomes ally and the ally becomes enemy. We see more breathtaking worlds in this book and meet new characters. We also learn more about the master. And because I am an Aquarian and I use my logic and I suspect everybody of mischief (chuckle, chuckle), I have my own crazy theories.
I do not think that the Guardian of Scorpio (I forgot his name) is the master or if he has a major Marad connection. He is too obvious. He is rather one of those old guys who likes power and the way the system is. Or I can be totally wrong. I feel like the master is hidden in plain sight or it might be a character we keep hearing about (like Rho’s mom who probably [spoilers] became an Aquarian/Riser). Or Rho’s mom might just play a key role in all this, not as the master of course. Another master possibility might be that first Sagittarius Guardian, or he might have a key role in the 13th House chaos. Anyway, I cannot wait to see how the story ends and to learn what really happened with the 13th House.
Also the map of the Helios system helped with the spatial arrangement of the houses.
This is my own opinion and you can either love it or not love it. And, I recommend this book to the space lovers.
PS: I cannot wait to read the next book in the series. <3

Original review:

Genres: YA, Science Fiction, Fantasy
Language: mild
Sexual content: mild to moderate (kissing and the notion that two characters have sex)
Violence: moderate (attacks on large groups of people, mention of torture)
Drugs/Alcohol: mild to none

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