Friday, January 20, 2017

Sun Dragon's Song #1 by Joyce Chng, Kim Miranda


sun dragon's song issue 1. comics, fantasy, children

Book synopsis

More than anything, young Ho Yi wishes to become a Sun Dragon Rider, the courageous human guardians of the magnificent beasts that roam the sky and keep watch over the land. But confined to crutches, bullies giving him a hard time, and his parents being away at war, Yo Hi is up against almost impossible odds! Can he still keep hope alive, while suffering in his tiny village, to become the valiant hero only he feels he's destined to become? Sun Dragon's Song

My opinion

4/5 stars.
This is a cute quick read. The art is great and cute. The storyline is interesting and it deals with powerful themes like hard work, never give up, bulling, and being invisible or singled out in the society because of a defect. Oh! I forgot about the war and warrior parents themes.
I will recommend this if you are a fan of dragons and fantasy.
This is my sole opinion. ^_^
Genre: Children Fiction, Fantasy, Magic, Sequential Art
Language: none to mild
Sexual content: none
Violence: moderate
Drugs/Alcohol: none

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