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Black Moon by Romina Russell - Where all your questions get answered

Zodiac #3

At least, most of them...

Book synopsis

May contain spoilers

Book 3 in the breathtaking sci-fi space saga inspired by astrology that will stun fans of the Illuminae Files and Starbound series.
One final secret stands between Rho and the enemy. But will the devastating truth be enough to destroy her first? Rho, the courageous visionary from House Cancer, lost nearly everything when she exposed and fought against the Marad, a mysterious terrorist group bent on destroying balance in the Zodiac Galaxy. Now, the Marad has disappeared without a trace, and an uneasy peace has been declared. But Rho is suspicious. She believes the Master is still out there in some other form. And looming over all are the eerie visions of her mother, who died many years ago, but is now appearing to Rho in the stars. When news of a stylish new political party supported by her best friend, Nishi, sends Rho on another journey across the galaxy, she uses it as an opportunity to hunt the hidden master and seek out information about her mother. And what she uncovers sheds light on the truth–but casts darkness upon the entire Zodiac world. Black Moon (Zodiac #3)

My opinion

4.5/5 stars.
Awesome world building! The images pictured by the author are amazing! This book has it all. Character development. Big reveals. Or should I say HUGE! :)) Ok. Ok. I am gonna stop the jokes. We finally get some answers regarding the Zodiac's origin. Now we finally know what happened with the thirteenth house. The big bad villain if finally revealed. And I am glad that some of my brain-storming theories were right.
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Unfortunately, we have some deaths and betrayals. Good part is that we also have some alive and coming back to life characters too. Hint-Hint! There are twists and turns in this book... Man! I literary throw my iPad aside screaming "What!?!"
That ending thou! Clap-Clap!
How could you, Romina? How could you?!! Now I have to wait... let me see... until August. Well, it is better than December.
I love that the author brings into question a lot of the ethical problems we go through in real life. And the characters' response to them reflect the ones you, me, your friend, or a person X will give. It makes you think. You learn to see from a different perspective. The author does not present only the good option. She also offers the bad one. And... It feel more realistic that way. Opinions were not forced on me. That, dear reader, is what I love in a book.
- I want to say that the ending is impossible to be true because we still have narration post facto. Sooo... You who read this book get what I mean. I am glad to see our character struggling to accept their heritage, who they really are, and what they want. I am talking about Rho, Mathias,  Hysan, Rho's brother, Nishi. I wished there was more of Hysan in this book.
The master is revealed! And, why he/she has to be from my people? :))
The Zodiac gets more united!
We have a great prophecy about the Zodiac!
We get to see Aquarius, Scorpion, and Pisces! Even though I loved reading about it, the book spends too much time on Aquarius than I expected. I thought there is going to be more action on Pisces considering the pandemic issue. -
One last note, this is a slow-ish paced book. Make sure you are in a mood for it.

This is my sole opinion. ^_^

Also, feel free to check out my other two reviews on book one and two, Zodiac and Wandering Star.

Genres: YA, Science Fiction, Fantasy
Language: mild
Sexual content: mild to moderate (kissing and the notion that two characters have sex)
Violence: moderate
Drugs/Alcohol: mild 



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