Friday, January 6, 2017

Obsidian Blade by Morgan Rhodes

A Falling Kingdoms spinoff

Book synopsis

obsidian blade, morgan rhodes, short story, magic, fantasy, adventureMagnus from Falling Kingdoms and Maddox from A Book of Spirits and Thieves are on an epic quest through time in this series-bridging novella.
In a garden of ancient ruins on the cliffs of Limeros, Prince Magnus comes face-to-face with a witch. The old woman incapacitates him with a spell, presses a single object into his hand—an obsidian blade—and tells him to bring it to a woman named Samara before the sun sets and his portal home closes forever.
A flash of dark magic transports Magnus back in time to a Mytica he’s only heard about in storybooks. Lost in this foreign land, Magnus sets out to find Samara. But a chance encounter with the rumored Witch Boy derails his journey. Magnus saves Maddox from a beating, but the cruel Livius is now on their tail. The sun is starting to set. Time is running out. Both boys must fight for their lives.
Follow legendary bad boy Magnus and the enigmatic Maddox as their worlds collide in this high-stakes adventure.

My opinion

5/5 starts according to Goodreads rating.
It is an amazing short story. The cross between the two storylines happening in Mytica was genius. It is a must read if you like Falling Kingdoms and Spirits and Thieves series. Magnus and Maddox have an excellent dynamic. It foreshadows the two series’ future. We also get to see M&M (no pun intended :D) when they were younger and how their past selves reacted in different circumstances.
This short addition to the two major storyline offers a great opportunity to know M&M better. Think about it: unrecognized prince working with a famous witch-boy-forced-con artist.
Indeed, it is a time travel story.

This is my personal opinion.
Obsidian Blade
Original review: Obsidian Balde - Goodreads Review

Genre: YA, Fantasy, Short Stories, Novella
Language: none to mild
Sexual content: none (just some flirting)
Violence: moderate
Drugs/Alcohol: none to mild

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