Sunday, September 3, 2017

"I am back, readers!" - A Random Post

So... I am Back!

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A lot had happened and a lot had changed even the seasons. Fall is here and winter is about to come. New books are being published nearly every day like the falling red autumn leaves. TV shows come and go wounding our hearts  - and by hearts I mean brains - with sorrow, joy, and awe. Amazing music popping up everywhere. People meet and people part via internet or real life. We connect, reconnect, and sometimes disconnect with the humans around us in need for all different forms of love. The most basic and common type is... Friendship. Present, old, new or forgotten we all seek one for the good words and feelings it provides just like a book.
Watch TV Shows
And Movies
Make future plans
Write the blog posts I planned for 
Write my stories
Take photographs
Learn new languages
Offer and spread love all around me
Especially my Love for Books
And most importantly, take care of myself
Be the hero of my life and move forward   
You know, the usual. ^_^
Anyway, I missed blogging and all the things it brought into my life. It feels so good to be back on my "private" piece of the world wide web. In the future, I might have some news regarding my blog but until then... Shhh! You did not read anything.

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Summer is almost gone in the Northern hemisphere and the nature took its time to remind us how much we depend on things. Humans. Earth. Nature. Sun. And Universe. After a beautiful solar eclipse, we had chaotic floods. Thus, I am sending to all the affected people my warm and positive thoughts. When things get harder, you fight because there is only one path to follow, forward.
And for those of you who got the chance to get cozy with books lately, let me know what adventures you've been through. Music, movies, and TV shows included or life events even ;).



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