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To Tempt a Viscount by Naomi Boom Entangled Nobility One or A Romance in Need of More Romance

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Book Synopsis

to tempt a viscount, naomi boom, book, series, romance, historic, regencyLady Laura Rosing knows two things: first, she will marry for love, and second, she detests rakes. When she meets Lord Gavin Farris, she understands immediately that he fails both her criteria, and worse yet, he is an absolute cad who refuses to leave her be.
Lord Farris has always appreciated women and cannot understand why Lady Laura is so resistant to his charms. While pretty, she is not his usual type, but something about her intrigues him. Much to his chagrin, he finds himself desperately in love with her, but he may be too late. His adamant refusal to marry just might have planted her firmly in the arms of another. To Tempt a Viscount - Goodreads 



My Opinion

rose, sketch, graphic, romance, drawing, blog3.75/5 stars.
This book was something different than my usual Romance-Regency novel. I like Laura and Lord Gavin. They were the typical protagonists you normally find in these books. The girl is an innocent debutante who separates from the others through her unique beauty and wit. The guy is a rake who does not believe in love until he meets the heroine then he has a change of heart. (Pun intended.)
Since these are my favorite tropes... I am not going to complain. For these things alone, I will give this book a green card.
The beginning was promising. We have cousin Eleanor who pretends to be a dove but she is a viper instead. I did not know how Laura could tolerate her throughout the whole book. I called her act and disliked - since hate is such a strong word - her from the moment she was introduced. Laura and Gavin have a wonderful chemistry. And the setting is the perfect place for romance to bloom.
four stars, rating, sketch, graphic, drawing, blogAfter the tragic moment which - in general - separates the protagonists in all romance novel, things stared to slow down a little. It was not necessarily bad because we get to know potential great - and probably future - characters like Alexa, Lord Collins, and Lord Farris' mother. The lack of major interaction between the love interests was unexpected and a bit disappointing. Reading about their genuine attraction, I was expecting more steam... way more steam than the author offered. Surprisingly, I still had the drive to know what happens next.
Overall the story was done nicely with a good writing. Well... probably with a few awkward phrases here and there. For a debate novel, this was pretty good. I can see that the author has great potential to grow. That is why I gave such a high star rating, for encouragement. I cannot wait to read the next book in the series.
To Tempt a Viscount was my cup of tea with the tea a little under brewed.

This is my sole opinion. ^_^

I would like to say thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Genre: Adult, Romance, Historical Romance, Regency
Language: none to mild
Sexual content: mild to moderate
Violence: none to mild
Drugs/Alcohol: none to mild


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